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Bathyxylophila iota Marshall, 1988

Description: Shell minute, slightly wider than high, spire slightly elevated. Protoconch sculpture unknown (etched away in available specimens), with well-defined transition to teleoconch. Teleoconch up to 1.5 whorls; last whorl flattened above and below weakly angular periphery, sculptured throughout with numerous fine, crisply defined, regularly spaced spiral threads, crossed by axial riblets parallel to outer lip. Umbilicus very narrow, with strong, sharp flange commencing at bottom of aperture, and ascending steeply into umbilicus. Aperture D shaped. Outer and inner lips thin. Shell colourless transparent.

Size: Up to 0.70 mm in width.

Distribution: Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, known from only one sample, from south-east of Broken Bay, NSW.

Habitat: On waterlogged wood taken from 714 m.

Synonymy: None

Remarks: See the remarks under Xyloskenea grahami for comments on habitat. This species was sympatric with B. peroniana on the wood sample from off Broken Bay.

Fig. 1: Waiting for response from Marshall about SEM.


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