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Siphonaria funiculata Reeve, 1856

Description: Shell moderate to tall in height, sides convex, apex slightly behind centre. Sculptured with 30-90 radial ribs, most frequently about 60, variable in width. Ribs white, interstices mid-brown. Interior with horseshoe-shaped muscle scar; shallow siphonal groove from apex to margin, on right of shell, 70-80 degrees from anterior. Interior colour variable but generally with margin fawn crossed by very short white patches corresponding to external ribs, fawn between margin and muscle scar, dark brown above muscle scar, spatula white or fawn.

Size: Up to 34 mm in length, usually less than 25 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Burnett Heads, Qld, southwards to Apollo Bay, western Vic, and Tas.

Habitat: Lives on exposed rocky shores, in the mid and upper littoral zone. Common.

Comparison: See Siphonaria denticulata.

Synonymy: S. virgulata Hedley, 1915 is a previously recognised synonym, based on shells from the northern end of the range. i.e. from eastern Victoria northwards.

Remarks: The reproductive cycle of this species was described by Creese (1980), and the anatomy, radula and shell morphology by Jenkins (1981).

Fig. 1:  Twofold Bay, NSW. (C.007837)



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