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Sukashitrochus pulcher (Petterd, 1884)

Description: Shell trochiform, wider than high, spire low. Protoconch almost one whorl, inner half smooth, outer half reticulate. Teleoconch above selenizone flat with strong axial threads and weaker spirals. Below selenizone, 6-7 spiral ribs and strong axial ribs forming peaks at intersections; uppermost rib strongest, rest progressively weaker towards umbilicus. Foramen one-quarter whorl before margin, above periphery, selenizone behind foramen, with moderately raised flanges. Umbilicus open, narrow, with bordering keel, interior wall making an angle with base. Operculum corneous. Shell colour white.

Size: Up to 1.5 mm in height.

Distribution: In Australia, from north Queensland to south-western WA. This has previously been recognized as only a southern Australia species, but Geiger & Jansen (2004b) report one record from southern NSW (Green Cape, near Eden), two records from north Queensland, as well as one each from Japan and Vanuatu.

Habitat: Known from beach specimens, shallow water algae washings, and down to 667 m. Uncommon.

Comparison: See Sukashitrochus atkinsoni

Remarks: This species appears in recent literature as Sinezona pulchra (Petterd, 1884).

Figs. 1,2,3:  W of West Point, Tasmania, in 80 m (C.379967) (SEM Photos D. Geiger)


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