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Attenuata integella (Hedley, 1904)

Description: Shell very tall and slender, spire straight-sided in outline. Protoconch of 1 whorl, with about 7 spiral cords, and distinct junction with teleoconch. Teleoconch up to 7 rounded whorls. Spiral sculpture of strong cords, increasing from 3 on first teleoconch whorl to 5 on second last; with 3 additional cords on base of last whorl. Axial sculpture of weak, crowded, irregular threads in interspaces between spiral cords. Aperture nearly circular, anterior canal broad, without posterior channel. Outer lip of aperture with strong varix externally. Umbilicus closed. Colour opaque white.

Size: Up to 4.85 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: off Swain Reefs, Queensland, southwards to off Twofold Bay, NSW.

Habitat: On the continental shelf and slope, 120-384 m. Rare (8 lots in Australian Museum collection).

Comparison: The very elongate shell allied with the spirally sculptured protoconch makes this species easily recognisable. Lironoba australis is also tall and slender with strong spiral sculpture, but has less whorls, is sculptured with less spiral cords, and is a shallow water species.

Synonymy: None.

Fig. 1:  30 km east of Little Bay, Malabar, NSW (C.396032)


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