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Ringicula doliaris Gould, 1860

Description: Shell squat, solid, strongly sculptured, spire elevated. Teleoconch of 4 regularly convex whorls, polished, either smooth, or with a few widely spaced spirals grooves (form doliaris, Fig. 1), or with numerous spiral grooves and cords (form denticulata, Fig. 2). Aperture moderately wide; outer lip thickened internally, with strong varix externally; inner lip with callus on parietal wall with ridge or tooth at top third, columella with 2 very strong plaits. Colour white.

Size: Up to 6 mm in length.

Distribution: Unknown, but occurs on all of the NSW coast.

Habitat: Lives in the intertidal zone and down to 100 m, where it burrows in sand and feeds on small organisms. Common in beach washup in bays and estuaries.

Remarks: Shells fitting this description occur from Torres Strait , around southern Australia and northwards to north-western WA. It is unlikely that only one species is involved, but although names have been proposed for shells from individual locations, definite species and their ranges have not yet been determined. In NSW, shells of the two forms figured and of the sculptural forms inbetween occur commonly, but whether they are all one variable species or several species is yet to be determined.

A photo of the live animal is on The Sea Slug Forum at  http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/ringdoli

Fig. 1: Botany Bay , NSW. (C.240611).

Fig. 2: Off Sow and Pigs Reef, Port Jackson , NSW. (C.240460).


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