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Morula nodulifera (Menke, 1829)

Description: Whorls rounded, sculptured with broad, rounded, oblique axial ribs. Ribs crossed by numerous shallow spiral grooves, and a deep groove just in front of the suture, producing a row of sutural nodules. Aperture narrow, columella with 2 or 3 obsolete or distinct teeth anteriorly, outer lip with 6 teeth; posterior canal distinct. Color white; usually severly eroded. Animal vivid green in colour.

Size: Average length 15-20 mm, maximum 25 mm.

Distribution: New Caledonia, northern New Zealand and eastern Australia, as far south as Sydney. Moderately common.

Habitat: Intertidal on rocky shores.

Synonyms: Purpura chaidea Duclos, 1832

Figs. 1,2: Long Reef, Collaroy, NSW (C.80485)


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