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Lepsiella vinosa (Lamarck, 1822)

Description: Shell with angulate whorls, concave above periphery, sutures indistinct. Spire whorls with a strong spiral rib about one third of whorl width from lower suture. Body whorl with 4-7 strong spiral ribs and about eight low broad axial folds, the whole surface covered with dense axial lamellae overriding the ribs. Anterior fasciole strong. Columella smooth, outer lip of mature shells thickened internally and with 4-5 denticles. Exterior fawn or grey with white spiral ribs; aperture purple-brown, columella cream.

Size: Up to 22 mm in length, typically 10-15 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Gerringong, NSW, to Cockburn Sound, WA, including Tas.

Habitat: "On and under rocks in mid to high-tide areas, particularly among Galeolaria and on beds of the small mussel Xenostrobus pulex on which it feeds" (Phillips et al, 1984).

Remarks: Some southern Australian shells differ in sculpture from the NSW specimens described above; they may be rounded rather than angulate, with axial folds absent, and with up to 12 weak spiral ribs.

Figs. 1,2: Twofold Bay, NSW (C.99690)


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