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Sassia pumilio (Hedley, 1903)

Description Whorls convex, with two rounded varices per whorl. Early whorls sculptured with strong spiral ribs and axial folds; later whorls with broad, flat ribs with interspaces of about one-third of rib width; about 15 spirals on penultimate whorl and 35 on body whorl. Inner margin of outer lip with 12 weak lirae; columella smooth. Posterior canal well defined. Anterior canal relatively long, slightly upturned, almost closed. Colour tan, irregularly marked with white.

Size: Length up to 18 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; restricted to a narrow range from southern Qld to Solitary Islands, NSW.

Habitat: Taken in 40-55 m. Rare.

Figs. 1,2: Off Iluka, NSW, in 45-65 m (C.344339)


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