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Cymatium parthenopeum (von Salis, 1793)

Description: Shell sculptured with broad, low spiral ribs, the shoulder rib nodulose. Outer lip deeply grooved internally when immature, with about seven pairs or triplets of denticles. Columella with strong wavy lirae along its whole length. Anterior canal short. Colour light brown, outer edge of outer lip alternating light and dark brown. Columella dark brown with white lirae. Shell covered with a thick brown, hairy periostracum when alive. Operculum oval.

Size: Up to 116 mm in length.

Distribution: Nearly all subtropical and warm temperate seas in both northern and southern hemispheres. In Australia, Cape Flattery, Qld to Jurien Bay, WA including Tasmania.

Habitat: Intertidal, on rocky and muddy shores on exposed coasts and in estuaries, down to 150 m. Occurs in commercial oyster beds, where it is regarded as a pest.

Synonym: Monoplex australasiae (Perry, 1811)

Remarks: The taxonomy and distribution of this species is discussed by Beu (1970b).

Figs. 1,2: Long Reef, Collaroy, NSW (DLB1973)

Fig. 3: Woody Head, Iluka, NSW (DLB2761)


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