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Turbonilla hofmani (Angas, 1877)

Description: Shell large, wide, spire straight sided, up to 10 whorls. Protoconch coiled (Type B), of about 2 whorls, set on teleoconch with axis inclined at about 110 to teleoconch axis. Teleoconch whorls moderately convex, sculptured with about 16 strong axial folds, on last whorl terminating level with top of aperture; no spiral sculpture. Aperture wide, columella without plaits. Shell slightly translucent to opaque white.

Size: Up to 10 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Stradbroke Island, Qld, southwards and around southern Australia to south-western WA, including Tas.

Habitat: Most of the available specimens are from beach washup, but it presumably lives in the low intertidal and shallow subtidal. Common.

Comparison: This is distinguished within the genus by having a wide shell with straight spire outline.

Fig. 1: Port Stephens, NSW, in 513 m (C342949).


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