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Pyrgulina nugatoria (Hedley, 1903)

Description: Shell small, relatively wide, spire weakly convex, up to 4 teleoconch whorls. Protoconch infolded, type C. Teleoconch whorls strongly shouldered, suture well defined, sculptured with widely spaced axial folds; spiral sculpture of fine threads in interspaces between axials, more apparent on lower part of whorls and on base of last whorl. Aperture wide, columella with a weak plait; narrow umbilicus sometimes present. Shell opaque white.

Size: Up to 2.2 mm in length.

Distribution: Known from Laurieton, NSW, southwards to Wollongong, NSW.

Habitat: Subtidal, down to 750 m. Rare.

Remarks: The figured specimen, and the holotype, are both worn, and do not show the spiral sculpture well. Shell fragments in the paratype lot show it clearly as described here.

Fig. 1: 5.57.5 miles (8.812.0 km) NE of Cape Three Points, NSW, in 7591 m (C.170564 PARATYPE).


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