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Ondina stricta (Laseron, 1951)

Description: Shell small, elongate, apex blunt, spire straight-sided, up to 5 teleoconch whorls. Protoconch infolded, type C. Teleoconch whorls convex, smooth; suture well defined. Aperture elongate, length twice the width; columella with low, very oblique plait. Shell colourless-transparent becoming opaque white with age.

Size: Up to 3 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Yamba, NSW, southwards to Ulladulla, NSW.

Habitat: Available specimens are empty shells from beach washup and down to 64 m. Moderately common.

Synonymy: Odostomia microlineata Laseron, 1951 is a previously recognised synonym.

Remarks: This species was originally described as Odostomia stricta Laseron, 1951. Laseron, apparently accidently, later described an entirely different species from Queensland with the same name, Odostomia stricta Laseron, 1959.

Fig. 1: Narrabeen Beach, NSW (C.342834)


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