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Megastomia pyramidata (Laseron, 1951)

Description: Shell small, moderately wide, up to 5 teleoconch whorls, last whorl more than half of total shell length, spire weakly convex in outline. Protoconch coiled (Type B), of about 2 whorls, set on teleoconch with axis inclined at more than 90 to teleoconch. Teleoconch whorls straight-sided, smooth, deeply grooved at suture; last whorl weakly angled at periphery. Aperture teardrop-shaped, length almost twice the width; columella with single strong plait; interior of outer lip with about 6 spiral striae, terminating 1/5 of whorl before aperture. Shell opaque white.

Size: Up to 2.7 mm in length.

Distribution: The Australian Museum holds specimens from north Queensland southwards to Sydney, as well as Papua New Guinea and Christmas Island.

Habitat: Empty shells are from beach washup and dredgings down to 68 m. Living specimens were collected intertidally among Zostera at Port Hacking, NSW. Uncommon.

Fig. 1: Maianbar, Port Hacking, NSW (C.340918).


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