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Chrysallida spirata (A. Adams, 1860)

Description: Shell small, moderately wide, spire convex in outline, of about 4 teleoconch whorls, last whorl 2/3 of total shell length. Protoconch infolded, type C. Whorls straight-sided, with strong axial folds, more or less nodulose at top and bottom, deeply channelled at suture. Base with numerous spiral cords. Aperture wide with a moderately strong columella plait. Shell colourless-transparent becoming opaque white with age.

Size: Available specimens up to 2.5 mm in length.

Distribution: Tropical Indo-West Pacific. In eastern Australia, as far south as Sydney, NSW.

Habitat: In NSW, known from beach washup.

Synonymy: Parthenia mariella A. Adams, 1860 is a previously recognised synonym.

Fig. 1: Little Coogee Bay, Sydney (C.341386).


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