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Chrysallida mayii (Tate, 1898)

Description: Shell medium size, moderately wide, spire convex in outline, up to 5 teleoconch whorls, last whorl more than half shell length. Protoconch infolded, type C. Spire whorls rounded, sculptured with axial folds and a spiral cord at bottom, suture deeply impressesd. Last whorl with axial folds terminating in spiral groove level with top of aperture, whorl smooth below. Aperture wide with weak columella plait; outer lip sinuous in profile. Shell colourless transparent becoming opaque white with age.

Size: Up to 3.5 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Port Stephens, NSW, southwards and around southern Australia to south-western WA, including Tas.

Habitat: Empty shells are known from beach washup and down to 26 m. Common.

Comparison: This species is similar to Chrysallida henni but is slightly smaller, lacks spiral threads between the axials, has a weaker columella plait, the axials are weakly inclined rather than prosocline, and the shell has a type C protoconch rather than type B.

Fig. 1: Near Hawks Nest, in Port Stephens (C.342505).


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