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Zemira australis (Sowerby, 1833)


Description: Shell with rounded whorls, with a deep channel at the suture.  No axial sculpture; spiral sculpture of fine, widely spaced grooves, stronger on anterior end of the body whorl, and a single deep groove at anterior of body whorl.  Outer lip smooth, with a small spike at the termination of the deep groove on unbroken shells; columella smooth, terminating in a broad siphonal notch.  Colour pale pinkish fawn with dark brown patches on the shoulder which become irregular zigzag streaks or dots and splashes of brown on the remainder of the body whorl, and a second more inconspicuous row  of patches at the base.  Umbilicus absent or rarely a minute chink.  Operculum corneous, large, filling the aperture.

Size: Up to 31 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia ; Frazer Is, Queensland  to Western Port , Victoria , and Tasmania .

Habitat: Known from 3-146 metres, on fine to coarse sand; occasionally beach collected.  Uncommon.

Remarks: The anatomy of this species is described by Ponder and Darragh (1975).

Figs. 1,2: North Narrabeen, Sydney, NSW (C.078461)


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