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Colubraria brazieri Angas, 1869

Description: Shell tall and slender, spire straight or slightly bent, whorls convex. Sculpture of fine axial ribs, about 30 between varices, crossed by spiral ribs, sometimes weakly nodulose at the intersections, and sometimes obsolete on body whorl; 1-3 secondary threads between primary spirals on latter whorls of some specimens. Varices about every two-thirds of whorl. Outer lip thickened internally, lirae restricted to thickened region. Columella callus expanded, sometimes with a parietal denticle. Posterior canal well defined. Colour fawn, sometimes with darker blotches.

Size: Up to 68 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Caloundra, Qld, to Botany Bay, NSW.

Habitat: Down to 100 m, but known mainly from beach shells. Very uncommon.

Comparison: This species is more slender than other members of the genus, with relatively fine and weakly nodulose sculpture.


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