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Lissarca elliptica (Laseron, 1953)

Description: Shell minute. No prodissoconch. Shape elliptical, umbo central on hinge line. Anterior, posterior and ventral margins smoothly rounded; posterior margin subtruncate. Hinge line arched, with 3 strong teeth on both sides of a central zone. Central zone with a band of very fine, elongate denticles above a triangular ligament pit. Interior with adductor muscle scars not apparent; weak denticles on margin below hinge on both sides; 4 stronger denticles at postero-ventral margin, with ribs extending to umbones; Exterior smooth or with weak concentric growth ridges. Periostracum thin, fawn. Shell colour reddish brown when fresh, fading to fawn, sometimes with 4 faint brown radial rays.

Size: Up to 2.5 mm in length.

Distribution: Known from Broughton Island, NSW, southwards to Crookhaven (near Jervis Bay), NSW.

Habitat: Subtidal, 64-137 m. Uncommon.

Comparison: This species is smoothly elliptical in contrast to the more angulate L. picta, and does not show the angulation from the umbo to the posterior ventral margin of that species.

Fig. 1:  SYNTYPE Off Crookhaven, NSW, 55-64 m (C.062325)

Fig. 2:  Same specimen as Fig. 1


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