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Nucula revei Bergmans, 1978

Description: Shell minute. Shape equivalve, inequilateral with umbones behind midline, slightly inflated; anterior end broadly rounded; posterior end broadly rounded to subtruncate. Hinge taxodont, with strong teeth, up to 6 anterior and 5 posterior teeth. Chondrophore small, oblique. Interior with external sculpture showing through, and fine crenulations at ventral margin. Exterior with fine, broad, radial ribs and concentric striae. Periostracum unknown. Exterior shell colour colourless translucent.

Size: Up to 1.3 mm in length .

Distribution: Known only from Narrabeen and Middle Harbour, NSW.

Habitat: The known specimens were sorted from beach sand or dredged from 12-15 m in Middle Harbour.

Synonymy: None.

Comparison: This is the smallest member of the family in NSW. Bergmans (1978, p. 695) claimed it differs from Nucula mayi and Nucula covra in the detail of the radial sculpture and by the narrowness of the radial riblets.

Remarks: The photographs in Fig. 1 do not show the detail at all well because the specimen is so small; the hinge and the marginal teeth are not clear. Bergmans (1978, p. 694) gives a drawing of the shell which clearly shows these characters.

Fig. 1: Off Chinamans Beach, Middle Harbour, NSW, in 12-15 m (C.100962, PARATYPE).

Fig. 2: 7633-1 Holotype of Nucula revei. Reproduced from Bergmans (1978, Figs. 30, 31).


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