In addition to those illustrated, the following species occur in NSW.

Tropical Indo-West Pacific species that reach into NSW, but are of uncommon to rare occurrence here:

  • Natica alapapilionis (Roding, 1798). Indo-West Pacific to Woolgoolga, NSW.

  • Natica fasciata (Roding, 1798). Indo-West Pacific, to Solitary Islands, NSW.

  • Natica onca Roding, 1798. Indo-West Pacific to Woolgoolga, NSW.

  • Natica pseustes Watson, 1881. Indo-West Pacific to Sydney, NSW.

  • Mammilla melanostomus (Gmelin, 1791). Indo-West Pacific to Sydney, NSW.0

  • Mammilla fibrosa (Eydoux & Souleyet, 1852). Indo-West Pacific to Broulee, NSW.

One species is known only from the holotype , probably subfossil, dredged from Sydney Harbour:

  • Gennaeosinum intercisum Iredale, 1931. Length of holotype 13 mm.


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