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Eunaticina linnaeana (Récluz, 1843)

Description: Shell thin, aperture about three-quarters length of shell. Body whorl inflated, sculptured with about 40 equally spaced spiral ribs. Umbilicus open and deep, columella callus reflected to cover part of the umbilicus. Shell white, covered with a thin brown periostracum when alive. Operculum thin, corneous.

Size: Up to 36 mm in length.

Distribution: Central Indo-West Pacific; in Australia, from Albany, WA, to Sydney, NSW. Uncommon.

Comparison: Similar in shape to Polinices simiae but distinguished by the spiral ribbing, open umbilicus and absence of brown bands.

Synonyms: In recent literature this species has generally been misidentified as Eunaticina papilla (Gmelin, 1791). Pervisinum dingeldeii Iredale, 1931 was applied to dead shells from Sydney Harbour, probably subfossil.

Figs. 1,2: Bundeena, Port Hacking, NSW (C.358446)

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