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Nassarius spiratus (A. Adams, 1852)

Description: Shell moderately solid, with a protoconch of about three whorls. Whorls with a ledge below the suture, rounded below. Early spire whorls axially and spirally ribbed, axial ribs persisting to the penultimate whorl but absent on the body whorl. Outer lip smooth. Columella smooth apart from a single fold at the base; strong parietal denticle at the upper end of columella, and a pronounced anal canal. Colour cream with irregular, short reddish-brown lines and short streaks at the sutures; columella and interior white.

Size: Up to 24 mm in length.

Distribution: NSW, Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island and New Zealand. In NSW, from Ballina to Ulladulla.

Habitat: Intertidal, in sand pockets on rocky shores. Uncommon in mainland NSW.

Comparison: Differs from Nassarius glans particeps in having the axial ribs extend to the penultimate whorl, and in lacking spiral brown lines.

 Figs. 1,2: Neds Beach, Lord Howe Island (DLB4963)


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