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Nassarius mobilis (Hedley and May, 1908)

Description: Protoconch of two smooth, glossy whorls. Teleoconch whorls rounded, inflated, sculptured with axial ribs, 12-23 on body whorl, frequently obsolete on last two whorls. Whole surface with spiral sculpture of crisp, overriding ribs, 15-18 on body whorl, occasionally obsolete; interspaces between spirals sometimes axially striate. Outer lip with varix, with 6-13 denticles internally, sometimes obsolete. Columella narrowly calloused, with 1-2 small denticles at base. Colour white to cream, with fresh shells showing orange-brown or reddish-brown spiral bands, two on spire whorls and three on body whorl, sometimes present only as spots.

Size: Up to 8 mm in length.

Distribution; Endemic to Australia; Crowdy Head, NSW, to SA and Tas.

Habitat: Subtidal, in 37-667 m. Uncommon.

Remarks: Reticunassa mobilis plankta Iredale, 1936 was described from a specimen from off Newcastle. It falls within the range of variation for the species, so the subspecific name is unnecessary.

Figs. 1,2: Bass Strait, 40 miles S of Cape Everard, Victoria (C.300134)


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