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Nassarius ephamillus (Watson, 1882)

Description: Whorls weakly or distinctly angled. Sculptured with axial ribs and overriding spiral ribs which produce nodules at the intersections; penultimate whorl with 15-26 axial and 3-5 spirals, body whorl with 17-30 axials and 8-12 spiral ribs. Outer lip moderately thin, smooth, without varix. Columella concave, with a thin elevated ridge at lower end, weakly calloused only in very mature specimens. Anterior canal short and wide. Colour white or cream, with a thin, straw-yellow to light brown periostracum.

Size: Up to 19 mm in length, usually much smaller.

Distribution: Australia and New Zealand; in Australia, Newcastle, NSW, to south-western WA, and Tas.

Habitat: On the continental shelf and slope, 146-3100 m. Common.

Synonym: Arcularia dipsacoides Hedley, 1907

Figs. 1,2: 9.5 miles NE of Tasman Island, Tasmania, in 570.5 m (C.302974)


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