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Septifer cumingii Récluz, 1849

Description: Shape: equivalve, inequilateral, elongate-triangular, with umbo at anterior end, narrow anteriorly, broad posteriorly. Dorsal margin almost straight, posterior end rounded, ventral margin straight. Margin crenulate except for byssal gape. Hinge with a few denticles, and shelf below. Ligament curved. Interior smooth, iridescent, muscle scars poorly defined. Exterior with diverging radial ribs over whole surface. Colour variable; green, brown, yellow, pink. Periostracum usually not present; occasionally sparse hairs posteriorly.

Size: Up to 15 mm in length.

Distribution: Sydney, NSW, southwards to Shell Harbour, NSW. Also elsewhere in the south-western Pacific Ocean.

Habitat: Beach washup and shallow subtidal. The holotype is from 14 fathoms (25 m) off Long Reef, NSW. Rare in NSW.

Synonymy: According to the World Register of Marine Species, previously established synonyms of Septifer cumingii Récluz, 1849 are S. forskalii Dunker, 1855, S. furcillata Gould, 1861, S. bryanae (Pilsbry, 1921), S. australis Laseron, 1956 and S. pulcher Z.-R. Wang, 1983.

Fig. 1: Botany Bay, NSW (C.012345)

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