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Dacrydium fabale Hedley, 1904

Description: Shell minute. Shape equivalve, inequilateral, umbo slightly projecting. Dorsal margin rounded, ventral margin deeply concave. Hinge with a deep chondrophore, with prominent denticles either side, and ridge of secondary teeth on dorsal side. Interior smooth. Exterior with weak concentric growth ridges. Periostracum unknown. Colour translucent white.

Size: Holotype 2.8 mm length.

Distribution: Known only from the type lot from 16 miles (26 km) off Wollongong, NSW, in 183 m and another specimen from off Brush Island, southern NSW in 165 m.

Habitat: Known from 165 and 183 m depth.

Remarks: The specimen illustrated as this species by Lamprell & Healy (1998, fig. 185) differs from the holotype figured here by not having a concave ventral margin and by having fine radial sculpture.

Fig. 1: HOLOTYPE 16 miles (26 km) off Wollongong, NSW, in 183 m (C.17969). Interior of right valve. Figure from Hedley (1904, Plate 10, Fig. 39)


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