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Haustellum tweedianus (Macpherson, 1962)

Description: Shell with seven inflated to strongly-shouldered teleoconch whorls. Three rounded varices per whorl, strongly nodulose where crossed by spiral ribs. Body whorl sculptured with seven or eight strong spiral ribs with weak threads between, crossed by two axial folds between varices, forming nodules at the intersections. Anterior canal about one-third of total shell length, with three or four short spines per varix. Outer lip with 11 or 12 tooth-like projections; inner lip free-standing, smooth. Colour mottled pinkish-brown, apertural lips white, lavender within. Operculum corneous

Size: Up to 77 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Ingham, Qld, to Coffs Harbour, NSW, and possibly to Broken Bay, NSW.

Habitat: Known from depths of 28-183 m. Common.

Synonym: This species was originally described as Murex espinosus Macpherson, 1959, but that name is preoccupied by M. espinosus Hutton, 1896.

Fig. 1, 2: Off Tweed Heads, NSW (C.106495)


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