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Serrata haswelli (Laseron, 1948)

Diagnosis: Shell moderate in size, colourless transparent or opaque white, with four faint, diffuse brown spiral bands;  spire low, rounded; lip thickened internally, coarsely denticulate internally; external varix present; lacking a siphonal notch; lacking parietal callus deposits and ridge; columella with four strong plaits, a weak fifth on one specimen, occupying lower third of aperture.

Size: Adults up to 8 mm in length

Distribution: Australian Museum Collection:  three lots only holotype, 22 miles east of Narrabeen in 80 fathoms (146 m); off Port Jackson in 109 m; 30 miles off Cape Everard in 365 m.  Literature: NSW, Victoria, SA.  Rare.

Comparison: More elongate than S. mustelina and only known from deep water.

Remarks: This is a rare, deep water species. 

Fig. 1:  HOLOTYPE. 22 miles east of Narrabeen, NSW, in 80 fathoms (146 m) (C.103374).

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