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Dentimargo allporti (Tenison-Woods, 1876)

Diagnosis: Shell small to medium, white, occasionally with three pale fawn bands;  biconic, strongly constricted anteriorly; spire medium to tall; aperture broad; lip regularly curved, only slightly thickened internally, smooth or denticulate, without a strong posterior denticle; external varix present; siphonal notch absent; posterior notch absent; columella with four strong plaits occupying more than half the aperture.

Size: Adults 5-9 mm in length.

Distribution: Australian Museum Collection: Port Stephens, NSW, to Kangaroo Island , SA, in 18-800 metres.  Moderately common.

Comparison: This species is identified by being constricted anteriorly, with the lip usually denticulate but little thickened internally.

Synonymy: Volvarinella difficilis Gabriel, 1962 (Hewish in Wilson, 1994).

Remarks: Fig. 1 shows two specimens from the same sample from off North Head, Sydney; fig. 2 shows specimens from off King Is., Bass Strait. The Bass Strait specimens match the type illustration closely, but the NSW specimens are much more elongate.

Fig. 1: North Head, Sydney (C.312271)

Fig. 2: Off King Island, Bass Strait, Tasmania (C.312322)


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