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Alaginella malina (Hedley, 1915)

Diagnosis: Shell small, transparent colourless to opaque white, very strongly narrowed anteriorly; spire low; aperture moderately wide; lip moderately thickened internally, usually smooth, rarely weakly denticulate, slightly flared posteriorly; external varix present; posterior notch weak; columella with four strong plaits occupying slightly more than half the aperture.

Size: Up to  3.5 mm in length

Distribution: Australian Museum Collection:  off Lady Musgrave Is., central Queensland , to SA, including Tasmania . Taken in 36-315 m.  Moderately common.

Comparison: See A. brazieri.

Synonymy: Marginella malinoides Gabriel, 1961 (Hewish in Wilson, 1994).

Remarks: This is subtidal species, not known from beach specimens

Figs. 1,2: HOLOTYPE; off Narrabeen, NSW, in 80 fathoms (146 m) (C.025936)  

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