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Limopsis loringi Angas, 1873

Description: Equivalve, nearly equilateral. Shape ovate, narrowing towards umbo, umbones low, on midline. Anterior and posterior ends as well as ventral margin uniformly rounded, byssal notch absent. Hinge curved, 7-10 teeth either side. Ligament in a slightly depressed, wide triangular resilifer. Interior white, sometimes tinged with pink, microscopically stippled, fine ridges towards margin, posterior muscle scar large and deep, anterior muscle scar smaller. Exterior with coarse concentric ridges, crossed by fine radial threads. Periostracum of needle-shaped elements joined together into flat sheets. Shell colour white or pink.

Size: Up to 32 mm in length.

Distribution: Known from Fraser Island, Qld, southwards to Montague Is., NSW

Habitat: Recorded from beach washup and down to 150 m.

Comparison: Compared with L. tenisoni, this species is only slightly obliquely distorted from equilateral. The ligament is larger and wider than in L. tenisoni, and the periostracum differs by having the needle-like elements shorter and joined together to form flat sheets.

Fig. 1: Off Montague Is., Narooma, NSW, in 13-18 m.


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