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Limea aff. parvula Verco, 1908

Description: Shell average weight, noticeably inflated. Shape slightly oblique, anterior end longer. Anterior, posterior and ventral margins smoothly rounded; umbo offset a little posteriorly. Hinge line straight, with small unequal auricles at either end of hinge line, flat region above bisected by triangular ligament pit. Weak teeth, about 3-5, below hinge line on both sides (Fig. 2). Interior white, with exterior sculpture showing through; margin smooth or weakly crenulate. Exterior with about 18 widely spaced radial ribs. Periostracum not apparent. Shell colour white.

Size: Up to 3.5 mm in height.

Distribution: Southern Qld, southwards to Port Hacking, NSW.

Habitat: In NSW, 146-205 m depth.

Comparison: This may be the same as Limea parvula Verco, 1908, from South Australia (Fig. 3), but the NSW shells have much weaker smooth radial ribs, although the hinge line structure is comparable. Similar shells from Queensland also have the same hinge line structure but vary in sculpture; the extent of sculptural variation within the species is unclear.

Fig. 1: Off southern end of Fraser Is, Qld, in 201 m. (C.222422)

Fig. 2: Same specimen as Fig. 1

Fig. 3: PARATYPE of Limea parvula. 35 miles SW of Neptune Island, SA, in 190 m depth. (C.030657)


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