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Limatula iredalei C.A. Fleming, 1978

Description: Shape: Elongate-ovate, maximum width below centre of height; anterior and posterior margins smoothly rounded; ventral margin almost straight. Auricles prominent at either end of hinge, margins contracted below auricles. Umbo nearly central, elevated. Hinge line straight, with central wide, triangular ligament pit. Interior smooth with external sculpture showing through. Exterior sculpture of about 48 narrow, widely spaced, weakly beaded ribs, with wider interspaces; central rib slightly stronger than others. Ribs persisting on sides and auricles. Periostracum thin, patchy, fawn. Shell colour white.

Size: Up to 13 mm in height.

Distribution: Known from Cape Moreton, Qld, southwards and around southern Australia, to Broome, WA, including Tas.

Habitat: Known from beach washup and down to 183 m.

Comparison: This species differs from Limatula powelli by having projecting auricles with the margins contracted below the auricles. It is similar in shape to Limatula strangei, but much smaller, and not as elongate.

Synonymy: This was originally described as a subspecies of the fossil Limatula jeffreysiana Tate, 1885.

Fig.1: South of Port Macquarie, NSW, in 47 m (C.221906)


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