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Subterenochiton gabrieli (Hull, 1912)

Description: Animal ovate, elongate, girdle moderately wide, valves angled at dorsum. Median valves with pleural and lateral areas well defined, lateral areas narrow, slightly raised. Both lateral and pleural area covered with curved rows of fine pustules. Girdle covered with tightly packed, striated scales 0.05 mm wide. Colour fawn, with whitish or brownish patches or streaks.

Size: Up to 6 mm long.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: known from Sydney, NSW, southwards and around southern Australia to Recherche Archipelago, WA, including Tas.

Habitat: Subtidal. Old records from the Australian Museum collection were from 10-20 m, but modern records from the Museum of Victoria extend the depth to 60 m. Common.

Fig. 1: HOLOTYPE Between Phillip and French Islands, Westernport, Vic in 10-15 m. (NMV F.733). Museum of Victoria image.

Fig. 2: Valve detail. Sow and Pigs Reef (C.061660)


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