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Ischnochiton (Haploplax) lentiginosus (Sowerby, 1840)

Description: Animal ovate, moderately broad, girdle rather narrow. Median valves with lateral areas slightly raised, sometimes with low radial ribs; both lateral and pleural area appear smooth without magnification but with high magnification, revealed as sculptured with curved lines of pustules. Girdle covered with almost circular, smooth scales, up to 0.23 mm in diameter, smaller towards the edges. Valve colour fawn to dark brown, with scattered bright blue spots; occasional specimens with one or more valves light in colour and the rest dark (Fig. 3).

Size: Up to 27 mm in length, usually less that 20 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Port Stephens, NSW, southwards to Westernport Vic, plus isolated records from Ballina, NSW; Maria Island,Tas; Victor Harbour, SA.

Habitat: Under or at the edge of insertion of stones embedded in sand between high and mid-tide levels.

Fig. 1:  Long Reef, Collaroy, NSW (DLB5594).

Fig. 2: Same specimen as Fig. 1. Valve sculpture and girdle detail. 

Fig. 3: Thirroul and Bulli, NSW (C.365203). Variation in colour. 

Fig. 4: Same specimen as Fig. 1. Scale detail.


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