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Haminoea wallisii (J.E. Gray, 1825)

Description: Shell ovate, wider anteriorly, lightweight, involute. Apex with shallow depression or very narrow umbilicus, partly or completely covered over by parietal wall callus. Last whorl strongly convex. Surface entirely covered by extremely fine, dense spiral threads and coarse irregular axial growth lines. Aperture much wider towards base than at apex, outer lip thin. Columella smooth, strongly curved. Parietal wall with thin white callus. Shell translucent white covered by thin fawn periostracum.

Size: Up to 20.5 mm in length.

Distribution: The Australian Museum holds shells nominally of this species from Torres Strait southwards to Twofold Bay, NSW, and from northwestern WA.

Habitat: Most specimens are from beach washup. Common.

Synonymy: Opinion varies on the correct name for this species. Another name used apparently interchangeably for this species in Australian literature is Haminoea tenera A. Adams, 1850.

Figs. 1, 2: Kurnell, Botany Bay, NSW (C.156583).


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