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Haliotis coccoradiata Reeve, 1846

Description : Spire low with rounded shoulders. Sculpture varies from almost smooth to strongly spirally ribbed, with fine transverse growth striae, producing a scaled effect on ribbed specimens; roundly angled at the row of siphonal holes, of which the last 5-8 are open. Several scaled ribs below siphonal holes and several larger, smooth, sharp edged ribs between these and the margin. Colour brown or red, with broad, irregular, curved rays of green and white. Interior silvery and iridescent.

Size : Up to 75 mm wide.

Distribution : Endemic to Australia; Moreton Bay, Queensland, to eastern Victoria and northern Tasmania.

Habitat : Under rocks, low tide and below. Common.

Comparison : Some specimens are difficult to separate from juvenile H. rubra. There are sharp ribs immediately above the margin in H. coccoradiata, while in H. rubra the equivalent ribs are roughly corded.

Remarks : Talmadge (1960) has studied the sculpture and colouration of this species. He found that sculpture varied from smooth to strongly ribbed and colouration varied from a subdued single colour to bright markings of red-brown, white, cream and light green. He was unable to correlate sculpture or colour with sex or age of the animal or local environmental conditions.

Fig. 1a, 1b: Towoon Bay, NSW (DLB2165)

Fig. 1c, 1d: Long Reef, Collaroy, NSW (C.104260)

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