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Scutus antipodes Montfort, 1810

Description: Shell solid, heavy, broader posteriorly, with apex at one-third to one-quarter of shell length from posterior margin. Sculptured with fine concentric threads but no radial sculpture. Margin thickened, with weak notch anteriorly. Colour white inside and out.

Size: Up to 125 mm in length, commonly about 80 mm.

Distribution: Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, from Bowen, Queensland, to Geraldton, WA, including Tasmania.

Habitat: From low tide down to about 20 m, under rocks and in crevices. It emerges at night to catch drift algae. (Ludbrook, 1984). Common.

Remarks: This is the elephant snail, with an animal jet black in colour and much larger than the shell. Two flaps of the mantle cover the shell, but are drawn back to expose the shell when disturbed. It is a common animal under rocks in the intertidal zone around Sydney.

Fig. 1  Kurnell, NSW (DLB2641)


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