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Rixa watsoni (Brazier, 1894)

Description: Shell elongate-oval, parallel-sided centrally. Apex near posterior margin in juveniles, moving to slightly behind center in adults; backwards pointing and recurved. Anterior slope convex, posterior slope straight below apex. Slit at top centrally, "U" or rounded "V" shaped. Septum internally, straight edged. Selenizone a triangular band from apex to front of septum. Sculptured with beaded radial ribs and foliaceous concentric ribs. Colour translucent white, sometimes with brown patches at the margin.

Size: Up to 6 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Laureton to Twofold Bay, NSW.

Habitat: Beach grit and down to 73 m. Uncommon.

Fig. 1  Manly, NSW  (C.443978) (SEM photo Sue Lindsay)


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