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Emarginula cf curvamen Iredale, 1925

Description: Shell oval, widest centrally. Apex at or near posterior edge, backward pointing and recurved. Anterior slope convex, posterior slope concave. Slit in anterior margin about one-third of anterior slope length, parallel sided, with bordering flanges. Selenizone a groove with irregularly spaced lunulae. Sculptured with about 40 primary radial ribs some with a secondary between, and fine concentric ridges producing a cancellate surface. Margin crenulate internally. Colour white externally and internally.

Size: Up to 7 mm in length.

Distribution: NSW: South of Port Macquarie, 47 m; off Cape Byron, 203 m.

Habitat: Subtidal. Rare.

Comparison: Similar to E. dilecta, but taller with the apex near the posterior margin.

Remarks: This shell is an example of many small, deep-water Emarginula specimens in the Australian Museum collection awaiting exact identification. It is similar to Emarginula curvamen Iredale, 1925, from eastern Tasmania, which has the apex well outside the posterior margin.

Fig. 1  South of Port Macquarie, NSW, in 47 m (C.370403)


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