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Emarginula bajula Hedley, 1913

Description: Shell oval, widest posteriorly. Apex behind centre, backward pointing and recurved. Anterior slope convex, posterior slope straight or concave. Slit in anterior margin about one-quarter of anterior slope length, parallel sided, with bordering flanges. Selenizone a groove with irregularly spaced lunulae. Sculptured with about 40 primary radial ribs sometimes with a secondary between, and concentric ridges producing a cancellate surface. Margin crenulate internally. Colour white externally and internally.

Size: Up to 14 mm in length

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Terrigal to Port Hacking and Sydney Harbour, NSW

Habitat: Known from beach specimens, and from depths of 9-82 m. Rare.

Comparison: Distinguished from E.dilecta by being flatter with less ribs. Hedley differentiated it from E. dilecta by it being "broader behind, tapering anteriorly and without interstitial riblets", but modern photography of the holotype (Fig. 1) shows there are actually some interstitial riblets present. Most specimens are not as flat as the type. This species may turn out to be a variant of E. dilecta.

Fig. 1 HOLOTYPE Maroubra Beach, NSW (C.024853)


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