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Ficus filosa (Sowerby, 1892)

Description: Shell large, inflated, light in weight. Spire moderately high, suture impressed. Sculptured with about 40 spiral ribs without intervening secondaries, or with about 20 spiral ribs with a single secondary in each interspace, crossed by axial ribs of similar strength to spiral primaries. Outer lip thin, smooth internally; columella smooth. Colour fawn, spiral ribs brown on some specimens.

Size: Up to 91 mm in length.

Distribution: Central Indo-West Pacific. In Australia, North West Shelf, WA, to Sydney, NSW.

Habitat: Taken down to 220 m. Rare in Australia; know in NSW from only a few specimens.

Comparison: This species differs from F. subintermedia by having a higher spire and zero or one, rather than three, secondaries between primary spiral ribs. It also lacks the pale spiral bands and brown splashes of F. subintermedia.

Figs. 1,2: Off Broken Bay, NSW, in 137 m (C.064552)


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