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Fusinus novaehollandiae (Reeve, 1848)

Description: Spire high, anterior canal very long and straight. Whorls rounded, axial sculpture of weak to medium strength folds, about 12 per whorl; spiral sculpture of 5 major ribs on spire whorls, with one or more finer riblets between. Columella calloused, with up to 15 regular or irregular lirae in mature shells. Outer lip simple. Colour white or fawn, covered with brown periostracum when alive.

Size: Up to 280 mm in length, commonly about 140 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia; Cape Moreton, Qld, to Great Australian Bight, WA, including Tas.

Habitat: Taken in 50-500 m. and occasionally as a beach shell. Common.

Synonym: Colus novaehollandiae grandiculus Iredale, 1924 was applied to large shells from southern NSW, to separate them from smaller forms from South Australia.

Fig. 1: Off Sydney in 60-80 fathoms (DLB1676)


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