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Pictobalcis articulata (G.B. Sowerby I, 1834)

Description: Shell large, solid, long and slender, spire slightly bent after first few whorls. Whorls convex, smooth, suture clearly defined; outer lip scars irregularly placed, one or two per whorl. Aperture small, about one-fifth of shell length; outer lip sinuous, convex in profile. Shell opaque; colouiration distinctive with first few whorls white, rest cream or fawn, with a central brown band and lighter bands at top and bottom; upper band with regular pattern of brown arrowheads, lower band with regular brown patches; whorls darker brown after outer lip scars.

Size: Up to 26 mm in length.

Distribution: Tropical Indo-West Pacific. Northern New Zealand. In eastern Australia, Queensland southwards to Bendalong, southern NSW.

Habitat: Most specimens are empty shells from beach washup. Host unknown. Moderately common.

Fig. 1: Noumea, New Caledonia (C.223619)


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