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Menon anceps Hedley, 1900

Description: Shell ovate in cross section. Protoconch of 1 sharply shouldered whorls, with 5 fine, uniformly spaced spiral threads below shoulder, ending with strong varix. Spire tall, straight. Whorls strongly convex, suture clearly defined; oblique folds on upper half of early whorls. Two strong varices per whorl, aligned from whorl to whorl. Aperture narrow, D-shaped, about 1/3 of shell length; columella smooth, completely straight; outer lip sinuous in profile, with strong varix. Umbilicus present in large shells. Shell translucent or opaque white.

Size: Up to 5.3 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia. Known from Port Stephens, NSW, southwards to Ulladulla, NSW.

Habitat: Available specimens are empty shells from beach washup and a few down to 26 m. Host unknown. Uncommon.

Fig. 1: Little Coogee Bay, Sydney, NSW (C.007849 HOLOTYPE)


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