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Fusceulima murdochi (Hedley, 1904)

Description: Shell small, short and stout, up to 4½ teleoconch whorls, spire not bent. Whorls weakly convex, suture slightly impressed. Two scars per whorl from previous positions of outer lip, aligned from whorl to whorl on last 2 or 3 whorls. Aperture short and wide; outer lip sinuous in profile. Shell glossy, transparent yellow or brown, becoming opaque with age.

Size: Figured syntype of F. flava 2.2 mm in length.

Distribution: New Zealand and NSW.  In NSW, known only from the type lot of F. flava, from off Twofold Bay, in 73-91 m.

Habitat: Host unknown.

Synonymy: Fusceulima flava Laseron, 1955 is synonym, according to Anders Warén in his Checklist of Eulimidae (2011) cited by the WoRMS database 

Remarks: This is very similar to F. jacksonensis, differing only by having a more slender form. Laseron (1955) suggested that his specimens (i.e the syntypes of F. flava) were a form of F. jacksonensis when he wrote "it is possible that geographical races are indicated rather than full species".

Fig. 1: Off Twofold Bay, NSW  in 73-91 m. (C.103029 SYNTYPE of F. flava)


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