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Fusceulima flava Laseron, 1955

Description: Shell small, short and stout, up to 4 teleoconch whorls, spire not bent. Whorls weakly convex, suture slightly impressed. Two scars per whorl from previous positions of outer lip, aligned from whorl to whorl on last two or three whorls. Aperture short and wide; outer lip sinuous in profile. Shell glossy, transparent yellow or brown, becoming opaque with age.

Size: Figured syntype 2.2 mm in length.

Distribution: Known only from the syntype lot from off Twofold Bay, NSW, in 73-91 m.

Habitat: Host unknown.

Remarks: This is identical to F. jacksonensis apart from being more slender. It may be a deeper water variant as Laseron (1955) suggested when he wrote "it is possible that geographical races are indicated rather than full species".

Fig. 1: 6921-1 Off Twofold Bay, NSW (C.103029)


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