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Eulima lodderae (Hedley, 1903)

Description: Shell relatively small, tall and slender, spire straight. Whorls very weakly convex, suture indistinct; scars from previous positions of outer lip irregularly placed, more than 1 per whorl. Aperture elongate, one quarter of shell length. Outer lip smoothly convex in profile, with small sinus below suture. Shell colourless transparent, brown streaked before each scar on latter whorls; sometimes a faint brown spiral band at lower quarter of whorls and 2 faint brown spirals on middle of last whorl.

Size: Up to 8 mm in length.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia. Reported from Queensland, southwards to South Australia. Specimens seen from Port Stephens to Sydney, NSW.

Habitat: The only available record with precise locality data is of empty shells from Off Cape Three Points, NSW, in 41-50 fathoms (75-91 m). Host unknown. Rare.

Fig. 1: Off Cape Three Points, NSW, in 41-50 fathoms (75-91 m) (C.016328) The dark areas are debris inside the transparent shell.


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