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Curveulima manifesta Laseron, 1955

Description: Shell very small, spire slightly to strongly bent, protoconch large. Whorls convex in outline, smooth. Scars from previous positions of outer lip faint, aligned from whorl to whorl, suture not bent at positions of scars. Aperture wide, one-quarter of shell length, expanded anteriorly. Outer lip strongly convex in profile, sinuous with small sinus below suture. Shell transparent, becoming opaque white with age.

Size: Holotype 3.0 mm in length.

Distribution: Known only from holotype from off Crookhaven, NSW, in 30-35 fathoms (55-64 m).

Habitat: Unknown Rare.

Comparison: Very close to C. commensalis, differing only in the shape of the outer lip.

Fig. 1: Off Crookhaven, NSW, in 30-35 fathoms (55-64 m) (C.103014 HOLOTYPE). The speckled areas inside the transparent shell are debris.


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