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Ophicardelus ornatus (Férussac, 1821)

Description: Spire of at least 6 whorls, early whorls usually missing. Spire straight-sided or weakly convex, whorls flat or weakly rounded, suture often irregular; shallow groove below suture on last whorl of mature shells; surface smooth, apart from axial growth lines. Aperture 40-50% of total shell length; inner lip of aperture with 2 sharp folds, sometimes with a spiral cord originating at upper columellar fold. Umbilicus open or covered by columellar callus. Outer lip thin and sharp, becoming slightly thickened with maturity. Colour dark brown with broad fawn spiral bands.

Size: Up to 16 mm in length, commonly about 10 mm.

Distribution: Endemic to Australia: Port Curtis (near Gladstone), Qld southwards to Port Fairy, Vic. including Tas.

Habitat: Lives on mud, logs and other solid objects among mangroves and in salt marshes in the upper littoral. Common to abundant.

Comparison: This species is similar to Orphicardelus sulcatus and Pleuroloba quoyi. It is taller and more slender than those species, and the shell is smooth, apart from growth lines.

Remarks: The anatomy and radula of Ophicardelus was described by Hyman et al. (2004, 2005).

Figs. 1, 2: 7348-1 7349-1 Palm Beach, Pittwater, NSW.


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